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  4. SHIRAISHI Kosuke


The 2nd Cohort


Kyoto University Graduate School of Agriculture/Assistant Professor
Field of Research:Applied microbiology and molecular cell biology

Kosuke Shiraishi is an assistant professor at Kyoto University. Since he took the position in January 2021, he has been driving studies on physiology of microorganisms living on the plant leaf surface, as well as mRNA dynamics and autophagy, using the methylotrophic yeasts as the research model. Before this role, he worked for the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations for four years and the government of Japan for one year, where he contributed to achieving food security and enhanced his understanding on microbiology and biotechnology from the political viewpoints. He completed his bachelor course in 2012 and received a Ph.D. in 2017 from Kyoto University. During the doctoral course, he was selected as a research fellow of the Japan Society for Promotion of Science. His research honors include the best poster presentation award at the International Conference on Yeast in 2016. Recognized by Kyoto University for his effort in the establishment of and activities with Yumonkai, the Alumni of the Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Human Survivability Studies, he was appointed as a Kyoto University support ambassador in 2020.

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