2. Programs
  3. Core Programs


Core Programs

The core program group provides opportunities to understand how to find in oneself and continuously activate the qualities necessary for Principal Investigators. These opportunities address mindset enhancement, career advancement, as well as improvement of teamwork and project management.

Global Insight Training Programs

Programs to foster and strengthen early career researchers’ mindsets and develop their research promotion and laboratory management skills.


Dialogues with Nobel Laureates from Kyoto University
Opportunities for L-INSIGHT fellows to interact with recipients of various prizes (including the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Nobel Prize in Physics, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Fields Prize, Gauss Prize, Chern Medal, Lasker Award, L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Award, Kyoto Prize, and Japan Prize), as well as recipients of decorations (such as the Order of Culture).

Interdisciplinary Dialogues with Early Career Researchers
Opportunities to hear from early career Kyoto University researchers participating in the likes of JSPS/JST, AMED, and European Horizon 2020. Covers creating, maintaining, and developing opportunities for international collaborative research, as well as tips to make things go smoothly.

Mental, Technical, and Physical Training 
Opportunities for mind, body, and spirit training that cultivates researchers who are balanced in these three areas, grounded, and striving to grow.


Career Development Program
Includes workshops to heighten research management skills, communication skills, the ability to disseminate information in society, as well as seminars to improve pedagogical skills.

KURA Collaboration Program
Includes workshops on research funding acquisition techniques and the latest in external funding, as well as seminars on rendering visible research activities using the internet.

On-campus Lectures by Business Enterprises
Through classroom lectures by and interacting with researchers affiliated with partner companies, fellows grasp the competencies required for various types of jobs (such as company research and company technological development), examine themselves from various perspectives, and acquire global insight competencies found in business mindsets.

Global Field Initiation Programs

By interacting with researchers and engaging in field surveys at domestic and international institutions engaging in international industry-government-academia collaboration, fellows come to understand Japan in a worldwide context and the position of their own research, strengthen their global insight competencies, and utilize what they’ve learned in future strategic planning.

Overseas Fields

Oceania/Southeast Asia/Europe/Elsewhere
At universities, research institutes, and governmental and administrative agencies in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Oceania, opportunities to interact with researchers, present research, and conduct field surveys or to create seeds for joint research.

Domestic Fields

Opportunities to interact with researchers at universities and research institutes throughout the area and present research and conduct outreach activities in cities, as well as to engage in field surveys and joint research.

Business Fields

Opportunities to study corporate research, development, and other topics on the ground.