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L-INSIGHT fellows have the opportunity to interact with people in neutral positions outside of their field, geographical location, and sphere (academia/industry). They can receive advice about and discuss their research activities and outlook as a researcher.

Professor Emeritus/Emerita Mentors

In order to support L-INSIGHT fellows in setting their own achievement goals and then conducting self-assessments while taking into account necessary skill sets and mindsets, Kyoto University Professor Emeritus/Emerita Mentors close to each L-INSIGHT fellow’s area of expertise are assigned.

List of emeritus/emerita mentors:
* Former Affiliation at Kyoto University in parentheses
AGATA Kiyokazu(Graduate School of Science)
OKADA Norio(Disaster Prevention Research Institute)
KAITO Akira(Graduate School of Education)
KOIZUMI Akio(Graduate School of Medicine)
SAKAI Yoshiharu(Graduate School of Medicine)
HASHIDA Mitsuru(Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences(WPI-iCeMS))
YOSHIKAWA Sakiko(Kokoro Research Center)
TAKARA Kaoru(The Graduate School of Advanced Integrated Studies in Human Survivability )
NAKAO Kazuwa(Graduate School of Medicine)
YAMAGIWA Juichi(Graduate School of Science)
TANAKA Koji(The Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
SUGIYAMA Masahito(The Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies)
SEHARA Atsuko(Institute of Medical Biology)
SEKIYAMA Kaoru(Shisyukan)
IDE Ari(Graduate School of Engineering)

(Ends by FY2022)
SATOU Fumihiko(Graduate School of Life Sciences)
YODEN Shigeo(Graduate School of Science)
MASE Hajime(Disaster Prevention Research Institute)

Curriculum Advising Mentors

Curriculum Advising Mentors help fellows strategically choose programs based on their performance objectives for global insight competencies.
E-NER program-specific faculty also serve as Curriculum Advising Mentors.