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  3. Practical Programs


Practical Programs

So that fellows can acquire this know-how through the Practical Program Group, L-INSIGHT actively creates opportunities to interact with world-class researchers and refine global insight competencies.

Global Insight Maturation Programs

Programs in which fellows can create momentum towards international and industry-academia collaborative research by demonstrating their global insight competencies on the ground. For example, they are given opportunities to seek out and initiate collaboration with researchers from other institutions, as well as negotiate with high-level members of international organizations as supervisors of international conferences.

Launching International Collaboration

On-Site Laboratory Applied Program
Implemented using Kyoto University’s on-site laboratories, which have already been established overseas at Tsinghua University, Mahidol University, and the University of California.

World Top Partner School Program
Implemented using strategic partnerships concluded by Kyoto University graduate schools.

HeKKSaGOn Expansion Program
Implemented using an ongoing framework with the aim of fostering academic exchange for advancing science and knowledge. Centered around presidents’ conferences comprised of six universities in Japan and Germany.

International Conference Convener Experience

UNESCO Chair Collaborative Program
Participants receive assistance from the faculty of the UNESCO Chair on Water, Energy and Disaster Management for Sustainable Development (WENDI) at Kyoto University, which brings together internationally renowned educators and researchers and has close links with UNESCO, FAO, OECD, and UNDP.

Crossing Industry and Academia

Business Enterprises Linking Program
Through research presentations, this program provides opportunities for L-INSIGHT fellows and researchers affiliated with partner companies to plan joint research (includes short-term dispatch to companies), as well as aims to build and expand networks of fellows and companies’ early career researchers.

Leadership Enhancement Program
A workshop to hone leadership skills, enabling fellows to lead the academic world as PIs and world class researchers.

Global Field Launch Programs (Based on Fellows’ Proposals)

Based on fellows’ proposals. Opportunities to utilize global insight competencies through practice in various settings.

  • Proposals may include opportunities to interact or work with researchers from research institutions or government/administrative agencies, to present research, engage in field surveys, develop joint research seeds, engage in outreach, and so on.
  • Proposals are also accepted that use the locations visited in I-B. Global Field Initiation Programs.

Fellow Proposal Programs

A program consisting of support seminars, events, and other new endeavors falling outside of the above. Proposed by fellows.

  • Planned based on L-INSIGHT fellows’ proposals.