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  4. NUMATA Keiji


The 1st Cohort


Kyoto University Graduate School of Engineering/Professor
Field of Research:Polymer Science/Chemical Biology/Biological Chemistry/Plant Biotechnology/Organellar Engineering

Graduate of the Department of Polymer Chemistry in Tokyo Institute of Technology (2003). Doctor of Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology(2007). JSPS Overseas Research Fellow at Tufts University (USA, 2008), Team Leader (PI) of RIKEN(2012), Cabinet Office ImPACT project leader (2014), JST ERATO research director (2016). Assumed the current post in 2020. His research topic is the synthesis and degradation of biopolymers, especially, structural proteins. Major awards include the American Chemical Society’s MacroLetters/ Biomacromolecules/Macromolecules Young Investigator Award (2020) and the MEXT Minister Early Career Scientist Award (2018).

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Papers published:
Link: https://pubs.acs.org/doi/full/10.1021/acs.biomac.0c01380
Title: “Peptide-Based Polyion Complex Vesicles That Deliver Enzymes into Intact Plants To Provide Antibiotic Resistance without Genetic Modification”
Journal Paper: ACS Publications
Published: March 8,2021
Author: Seiya Fujita, Yoko Motoda, Takanori Kigawa, Kousuke Tsuchiya*, and Keiji Numata*