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  3. The 1st Cohort
  4. ARAI Yasuyuki


The 1st Cohort

ARAI Yasuyuki

Kyoto University Hospital Kyoto University Hospital/Assistant Professor
Field of Research:Hematology

Graduate of the Medical Science Department in Kyoto University’s Faculty of Medicine (2006). After clinical training at Kitano Hospital (Tazuke Kofukai Medical Research Institute) and Kurashiki Central Hospital, graduated from the doctoral course of Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Medicine (hematology, oncology). Subsequently engaged in immunology research for three years as a postdoctoral fellow at the National Institutes of Health (USA). After returning to Japan and working as a clinical fellow at Kyoto University Hospital’s Hematology and Oncology Department, in 2018 became an assistant professor at the hospital’s Departments of Transfusion Medicine and Cell Therapy (today, Center for Research and Application of Cellular Therapy, Department of Clinical Laboratory). Works on the development and application of cell therapy, including hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

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Papers published

Link:  https://www.isct-cytotherapy.org/article/S1465-3249(21)00785-4/fulltext
Title: “Development of a quantitative prediction model for peripheral blood stem cell collection yield in the plerixafor era”
Journal Paper: Cytotherapy
Published: 2021/10/12
Author: Akira Ishii,Tomoyasu Jo,Yasuyuki Arai,Shinichiro Oshima,Junya Kanda,Toshio Kitawaki,Keiko Matsui,Norimi Niwa,Yoko Nakagawa,Akifumi Takaori-Kondo,Miki Nagao

Link: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-020-78259-5
Title: “Impact of HLA class I allele-level mismatch on viral infection within 100 days after cord blood transplantation”
Journal Paper: Scientific Reports
Published: December 3, 2020
Author: Tomoki Iemura, Yasuyuki Arai, Junya Kanda, Toshio Kitawaki, Masakatsu Hishizawa, Tadakazu Kondo, Kouhei Yamashita & Akifumi Takaori-Kondo