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Institute for Advancement of Clinical and Translational Science (iACT), Kyoto University Hospital Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine/Program-Specific Junior Associate Professor
Field of Research:Diagnostic Radiology

The 3nd Cohort
Enrollment period : 2022.10 - 2024.3

Graduate of the Department of Medical Science in Kyoto University’s Faculty of Medicine. After clinical training, while a graduate student at Kyoto University, Iima studied in France at NeuroSpin, an ultra-high field MRI research center, and then obtained her Ph.D. degree. After working at Kyoto University’s Hakubi Center and the university hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Department, she assumed her current position in 2023. By extracting and utilizing new information from images using various imaging techniques, including non-invasive diffusion-weighted MRI, Iima is developing new and safe cancer diagnostic imaging methods that are less physically taxing. L-INSIGHT exits in March 2024.

Activity Databased on Education and Research, Kyoto University: